Using This Word Correctly Can Change Your Reality Permanently

Each word has a distinct meaning as a verb and noun. Mostly, people are unaware of the power of words. Words can create, break, or transform the state you are being into.

On the eastern side of the world, people believe in the power of words. They emphasize so much on the words as they believe that this world is originated from the frequency of a single word called “OM”.

I am not going to write a spiritual blog here in this space today, rather it was an attempt to give you a little background about the beliefs in the eastern side of the world about the power of a word as sound energy.

Irrespective of the fact at least we know that word creates some sound when uttered, so it has some energy as per law of physics. Words just create sound energy or they really shape world around us? let’s have a little discussion within ourselves !!

Words Shape Your Internal and External World

For a minute, just imagine a day when you were all high and suddenly some friend of yours or your dear ones said some bad words to you, be it body shaming or just feedback of your underperformance. What was the state of your inner world after those words? or Imagine you were all upset and suddenly someone appreciated you for anything you did well to them, What was your inner state after this conversation, Happy right?

So, With a small risk, we can say that words impact our inner state of mind or they shape our inner reality. Words have the power to bring us in a state of joy or in the deep grudge.

A single word has the power to create, break, or transform you. The word create and changes the state of your inner reality.

Similarly, your external reality is created from your inner one. Because your outer world is just a projection of what you think inside. Don’t you behave to your surroundings depending upon your mood, and subsequently makes your day in accordance with what you felt inside?

“What You Think You Become” — Lord Buddha

Words Send Hidden Meanings To Your Subconscious

Each word has a distinct meaning as a verb and noun. Mostly, people are unaware of the power of words. As said earlier, words can create, break, or transform the state you are being into. Because they have hidden meanings that you don’t understand but your subconscious is a chap who knows, what to pick when, and especially it also knows all discrete and hidden meanings of words that shape your inner and external reality.

Today, we are going to look deep into the usage of such a word. correct usage of which can change your life positively. And you are using it wrong for years unknowingly but after reading the end of this blog your subconscious will always get what you desire it to get, Deal?

Desires Vs Declaration

Almost all religion has mentioned clearly how the world has came into existence. when God said, “let there be light” and there was light, when God said “Let there be expanse” and expanse was there.

Did you notice the meaning hidden in the deep oceans of the above text? God didn’t say, “I want light” or I want expanse or I want pizza. Rather God used the word “Let there be light” it was kind of declarative rather than being in the form of want.

This is the power I wished for to share with you. you have got all the powers to shape your reality but if you will use the word “I want” daily 100 times, your subconscious is not going to create it for you.

Just consider your sub-conscious as the creator inside you, and words are its input commands. If you will feed the wrong input, you are going to get wrong output which is an undesired one.

Don’t Believe me? Okay, so be prepared to answer the below questions.

When you want something, don’t you want it because you lack it?

And, what you do when you desire something, remember? or how often you use this word?

The main difference between a want and desire is the degree of intensity. Wants are not permanent and you want something or someone because you do not possess it. if you did not get what you want for some time, your want may change because it is not intense.

On the other hand, when you desire something, you got the intensity and this is so much that it does not change easily, because of its intensity it forces you to work for it.


Choosing words wisely can give clear indication to your inner world and of course to people around you. There can be many wants against one desire.

Have you ever said to someone that I desire ice-cream because wants change over a period of time but desires are more intense and permanent in nature than wants? but the funny part is we as humans very rarely use the word desire and use want more frequently.

Hence when you use “desire” instead of a “want” you give a clear message to the inner creator that this need is not temporary and I need it. because needs are mandatory for survival, while wants are just for enjoyment and fun and temporary in nature in comparison to needs.

That’s why you unknowingly use desire and need word very less as they add more weight and your sub-conscious know it already that how serious you are about something and with this article now you also know it.

So, Starting today just replace the word “want” with “desire” and see the difference in your life. “Let the world see you are creator” and There will You.

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