Dream High With Less Time

Do you have some dreams to come true or any ambitions which are yet to be accomplished? many of us will answer yes. daily we suppress our ambitions our core wishes just to survive. whatever we are doing currently wherever in this world. somewhere back of the mind, one thought ticks at least at the end of the day. thought that I could not do what I wanted.

The guilt of not doing what we desire is not new and even not unknown to any of us. you must have encountered this thought many times or daily depending upon how close you are currently working for your desires.

what I mean to say is this, if you wanted to be a neurosurgeon and you are somehow currently working as a doctor of medicine you can be said close to your choice of profession/desire. but what about if you wanted to be an engineer and you are somewhere working as a typist. you may be called far from your core desire of being an engineer.

Wait!! why am I saying all this to you? because when you are far from your core desires, your heart still thrives for it and you still want to do something related to that niche. even sometimes you may feel jealous of someone who has achieved what he wanted, it’s common nothing new.

In spite of all odds, we wish to do something that we wanted to do, to feel a sense of contentment. this desire could be as big as a change of profession or just to learn to play guitar. the magnitude of unfulfilled wish matters very less in resulting dis-satisfaction. dis-contentment will be there in your heart if something is unfulfilled. and you want to work for it otherwise you will not get a sense of your being.

To feel the sense of our beingness, we need to perform and do what we think internally or repercussions will be there and your life will be full of many such guilts. but when we declare to move towards our goals or wishes. the biggest challenge is time.

you will find many people in this world, who wanted to do great things in life but they could not do because they say, we could not get the time for it. On one side this statement looks real but parallelly looks very cold. if you do not have time for what you want to do. then it can be said that your dreams are not big enough. the spark inside you is not big enough to make your dream just come true.

everyone in this world, whether celebrity or a common man could not reach their dream destinations in one go. they tried failed again tried even after continuing their livelihood, then one fine day they have reached where they are today. the grit of these high reached people is incomparable like them. they have attained it over a while. they could find the time to do what they want while they were grinding between dreams and responsibilities.

Here they are today, a successful and determined person. they could do it because they were determined to find the time for their dream, instead of giving excuses for the time crunch. fundamentally, when you love something. how and when does not matter, you will find the answers for all that, when and how by yourself when you die to do something.

I love writing, but “I do not have time” does not stop me. I find the time in life between small chunks of boredom, commuting and waiting period. excuses just tell you that you are not sincere about your goal or you have set a wrong goal for yourself. your psychological needs are not aligned with your goals. when you declare to do something it just happens, you just get the time, money flows, things happen.

Make your life in one day at a time, find some time in small boredoms, skip some unuseful talks, miss some obligatory parties. plan your day and learn from boredom. boredom is the best time when you find time for your goals. just grab it first live your dream in small chunks and then make it large to live it in real size eventually. That will be called your dream come true.

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