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How To Resolve Public Cloud FQDN Locally From Windows 10

You must have heard about a lot about /etc/hosts file in Linux operating system. Host File exists in “/etc/hosts” path…

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In this document, we will focus on cell search procedure in New Radio (NR)-5G Cell search and PBCH : In…

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Completely Uninstall and Delete Hadoop From Hosts-Hortonworks

In the past, I have written an article about creating a multi-node Hadoop cluster setup from scratch. After installing Ambari…

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Understanding NR5G Synchronisation Signal Block (SSB)

In this document we will explore NR5G SSB in detail. We looked into a brief introduction on SSB in NR…

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AWS Cloud Basics — 1

Cloud can be defined as a group of shared physical resources made available to enable consumption of compute and storage…

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