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Here is how you can volunteer with us and get published. If we like your work you can work with us as instructor and get paid at the same time.

About NEDALearning

NEDA Learning is an open platform for all, to learn share and transform. We are on a mission to fill the skill gap and inculcate right skills and provide quality education in technical and non-technical domain across globe for people of all walks of life to transform the learning experience.

Here, on this platform education you get is highly specialized and provided by well researched teams and experts of subject matter. We always welcome and encourage people to engage and create impact in personal and public life by inviting their contributions.

If you are a technology expert or an expert of humanity/communication/inter-personal/therapist/influencer skills etc. you can reach out to us on

In your engagement with us we would like to hear about following from you.

  1. Your Name, email and Phone number to reach out.
  2. Subject you identify yourself as an expert.
  3. How you can create change public learning experience. e.g. as a blogger/influencer or course instructor.
  4. Your work and achievements done earlier.
  5. What motivates you to contribute.

Based on your inputs, we would call you back for a short interview and walkthrough of your expertise. this will be a total interactive session where we would like to hear more from you and would like to see your subject capabilities and mentions of your old work experiences.

With intent of learn share and transform we are changing learning experience across globe, your participation is valuable and always counted at “NEDA Learning”.

Wishing you luck for your remarkable journey at “NEDA Learning”. We extend our support and wishes for your commitment to make this world a better place to live and experience.

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